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Mr. Happy Crack & the Shark

Mr. Happy Crack is the mascot of what otherwise might be a boring little company that franchises what otherwise might be a boring little business. The company is called The Crack Team. Their “boring little business” is repairing cracks in concrete foundations, and similar concrete structures.

Unlike many stodgy businesses out there, particularly franchises, they’ve taken the natural joke about their business (crack repair) and adopted it full force as not only the company’s joke, but the company’s marketing campaign.

There’s a You Tube video (mentioned in the Wall Street Journal), press releases about Mr. Happy Crack, Happy Crack apparel, fake press releases about the “No Crack Left Behind Act”, and much more.

Clearly, these folks have to be able to fix concrete foundations (what I believe is commonly called “mudjacking”), but they could have bored their prospects and clients to death with their marketing – as most of their competition most likely does.

Would you want to be the OTHER concrete foundation crack repair company in a town where Mr. Happy Crack lives? Not likely.

It isn’t necessary to be involved in a franchise to have entertaining marketing. Of course, the marketing has to produce. I doubt anyone has any doubt what the Crack Team does in a town where Mr. Happy Crack does his thing.

In this morning’s paper, I saw a story about a Bozeman lawyer who decided to get a 1000 gallon fish tank in his office. Normally, this would not be big news. In this case, it made the AP wire because the fish tank is for….sharks. A lawyer with sharks in his office, get it? Clever, funny and gained lots of free publicity. Plans for a web cam are even in the works.

Is your marketing fun? Does it attract public relations and interest? This is but one way to make an otherwise boring business newsworthy and more importantly, be the only one people mention when discussion turns to the “boring” work that your business does.