Media Sales Strategy

Mr. Rogers teaches a $20MM sales lesson

Perry Marshall sent this to me a few days ago. Perry quotes Bryan Todd, his co-author on The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords. Todd found the video and included this text in his email to Perry:

Background: 1969, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) was in danger of getting their funding cut in half by Nixon because of war costs. So the CPB calls in Mr. Rogers to testify before the Senate.

Amazingly, as he starts talking you feel the same way I do: What alien from the NeverNeverLand Nursery just landed here?

As you listen you realize, this guy is for real. Disarmingly real. He delivers an emotional 6-minute pitch. Watch the effect he has on John O. Pastore, notoriously gruff and impatient.

There are several sales lessons in this video.

Watch how many times the chair of this committee asks a question, and perhaps most importantly, how many times Rogers gets him to say “Yes” BEFORE Rogers closes the $20MM sale – without even asking for it.

In less than 7 minutes.

Be glad Mr. Rogers didn’t decide to sell timeshares, junk bonds, or black market nukes.