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When the norm is to get along, being a jerk really stands out

Cast Away
Creative Commons License photo credit: Gonzalo Baeza Hernández

Today’s guest post is focused on the web, software operations, deployment and geeky stuff like that, BUT…

BUT…if you filter the geekspeak out of it, it applies *directly* to just about every other team / process situation, in almost every workplace.

The core message: the difference between speed of recovery from a failure and time between failures, and what that means to your team, your business culture and your work processes.

The slideshow at the end is really great stuff. Again, don’t get too focused on the geeky part, because the underlying concepts are just as valuable to you, no matter what you do.

Thanks to Fraser Speirs for making note of it (in his case, in the iPad + education context). If you’re into the impact of iPad use or technology’s impact in education, Fraser is a great one to follow on Twitter.

The subject of this post? It comes from the slideshow.

PS: The Jeep video has a number of lessons of its own. I’ll talk about that later this week.

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