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Lessons from companies that have NEVER laid off an employee

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Creative Commons License photo credit: timsamoff

Today’s guest post is a story from about 9 companies who have, as of mid-January 2009, never had a layoff – some going back over 80 years.

Check out the stories of Nugget Market, Devon Energy, Aflac, QuikTrip, The Container Shop, NuStar, Stew Leonard’s, Publix and Scottrade.

Cross-training, telecommuting, careful hiring and resource use, flexible salary review periods, flex schedules, focused expenditure justification, tons of training, great communication, loyalty that runs deep – in both directions, thinking long-term, focusing on the staff as an asset instead of a cost, and employee ownership.

There are lessons here on far more than just avoiding layoffs.

Take one home with you.

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