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Obama’s Pizza War : Get your piece of the pie

Prosciutto, anchovy and onion pizza.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Gio JL

The President is hosting a group for dinner at the White House this weekend and pizza is on the menu.

That alone should have you thinking about opportunities to use the news -  if you’re in the pizza or catering business.

But then, it got turned up a notch when Obama chose St. Louis pizza for the dinner rather than pizza from his adopted hometown of Chicago.

And that gave you yet another opportunity. If you’re in Chicago, NY or St. Louis, there are lots of opportunities to use this since those cities all claim to have the best pizza.

With the choice of St. Louis’ Pi pizza to cater the dinner, it just adds to the opportunity.

In fact, even if you have a pizza joint in Ft Benton Montana (population 1459, saaaaa-lute), there’s a ready-made opportunity that just got tossed your way like a thin crust pizza (noting that St Louis-based IMO’s wasn’t invited).

There is always opportunity for those paying attention.

How can you use this while the story is still hot?