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On being your own boss

Startup wizard Paul Graham’s essays are so good, I give one of them to high school graduates as a gift to read.

Today’s guest post is his essay about the naturalness of being your own boss and/or working in a startup.

In my experience, the energy and excitement (perhaps partly due to the risk) of those situations exceeds that of any normal business – but I have no doubt there are exceptions.

In fact, if your not-really-a-startup-anymore-business has the energy of a startup, I’d like to hear about it. One obvious example would likely be working for NASA in the late 1960s, but there are surely others – and more current examples.


One reply on “On being your own boss”

Actually I’ve got invited to work in some huge companies, but even being there is so depressing. Everything is slow, bureaucratic, every good decision has to go through so many people that by the end it sounds completely stupid; a lot of workers are depressed even if they earn well. I think the ideas of DHH and JF in “ReWork” is what should be developed. You can both be a startup and success. Although I can’t help but wonder how many of companies there are that are similar to 37Signals. Maybe they are an exception and maybe staying small indefinitely isn’t really a great strategy…

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