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ONE. Bad number for a business.

“One is the loneliest number that…”

Three Dog Night sang that song in the 70’s, though in their case, love was the subject at hand.

In business, one isn’t as much lonely as it is deadly.

ONE supplier.
ONE client.
ONE employee.
ONE product or service.

Any ONE of those, if you’ve allowed them to become too important, can be deadly to your business.

Over the next few emails, let’s talk about why ONE is such a bad number. We’ll start with ONE supplier.

ONE supplier: If you have just one supplier for a critical raw material or service, what happens when and if that supplier goes bankrupt, gets bought out and broken up, doubles their prices because someone stole money from them (or the IRS slapped them hard), and so on? YOU are the one who pays.

You can see the reality in this in our local aluminum plant here in Columbia Falls. They operate using commodity raw materials (price controlled) and their product is also a commodity (price controlled). They have ONE power source (commodity, price controlled). When that power is expensive, they cant do business using their current model. When it isnt expensive, they incur massive startup costs to ramp up production. Its a 1960’s business model, but this is the 21st century. ONE supplier of power has them by the shorts.

I recently spent some time finding alternative suppliers for the raw materials that we use at my wholesale skin care products company. Why? Because I had ONE supplier for a few things and it scared me. I refuse to be at the mercy of one supplier, even if that supplier currently does things wonderfully. Things change. Be prepared (that’s the Scoutmaster speaking…)

Look at your business. Is their ONE supplier that could cripple your business if they went under? Or if they decided to get militant with you, or if they doubled their prices? Dont just think that you are immune because you sell software, or are a consultant, or run a day spa.

ONE affected a recent football playoff game. A team came to Montana saying they had the ONE best player in the country. Everything their team achieved depended on that ONE player. Unfortunately for the team, their coach bragged that that ONE player was the best and implied that nothing else mattered. He found out the danger of ONE. The other team keyed on that ONE guy, shut him down, and sent his team home without scoring a touchdown – in fact, almost without scoring at all.

ONE recently put our local Staples on its knees during a holiday shopping weekend. A hard drive crashed, preventing them from taking credit cards most of Saturday and preventing customers from using reward cards (or reward certificates) all weekend until Monday. Despite the fact that there were plenty of hard drives on the shelves, they could do nothing until first of business on Monday. Wonder how much that REALLY cost. Ouch.

ONE. Don’t let it happen to you.