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One kid’s project turns into smart marketing nationwide

Looking for a star salesperson? There’s someone here in the Flathead who over the last 3-4 years has outperformed his peers across the state.

He sells popcorn.

The downside for you is that he’s 12 years old, so you’ll have to hire a driver for him (or wait a few years).

I’m talking about a first year Boy Scout who as a Cub Scout sold over $12000 worth of popcorn in THREE weeks one year, and between $7000 and $11000 other years. His poor dad had to rent a trailer to store the popcorn in until they could deliver it. Scout popcorn is priced between $7 and $50, so we’re talking about a lot of cases of popcorn to add up to 12 grand.

But that isn’t what this story is about. This story is about smart marketing.

Last year, this young man decided to do something nice for the troops in Iraq.

He found out that the local Scouting district had a bunch of extra popcorn left over, so he went out beating the streets to get people to buy the popcorn so he could send it to the troops. Then he found out how much it was going to cost to ship the popcorn to Iraq, so he went out and beat the streets again – and came up with the funds to ship it.

What he did as a special project last year was wisely turned into a nationwide effort by Trails-End popcorn.

This year, every kid in the U.S. who sells popcorn for the Boy Scouts will have an option to sell popcorn for the troops, with Trails-End paying the freight.

The nice thing about it is that the kids get the same credit for selling popcorn for the troops as they do for popcorn that gets delivered a little bit closer to home.
Meanwhile, Trails-End is likely to see a substantial bump in sales and some good PR out of the deal as well.