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Baiting the hook with opera

Note the sign at the end of the video: “Ves como te gusta la opera?”, which translated roughly means “See how you like opera?”

Point being – how many of those shoppers had ever been to the opera? And how many *more* will consider it after that performance?

Brilliant, guerrilla marketing. Just flippin’ brilliant.

Before you think “I could never do that”…start planning how you could turn your business into performance art, some how, some way.

When the stream in your backyard doesn’t have any fish, fish where the fish are.

2 replies on “Baiting the hook with opera”

This is a great marketing idea. And, yes, I would attend opera for the first time if I had never been.

It is so easy to feel as though opera is for a social group of another time and another place, not realizing the power of the music.

Many younger music lovers want volume and drive in their music, and on that score opera delivers dynamite.


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