Prime cut

Jeff Bezos announced “Amazon Prime” today, proving once again that he gets it.

They are constantly looking for ways to make it easier to buy from Amazon. The easier it is to buy…


What makes the Sun come up?

Ive been reading Jonathan Schwartz’s blog lately (he is the CTO of Sun, or something like that, such attention to detail).

As you would expect, it is written with a pretty narrow view of the world (with the Sun at the center of the universe, so to speak). I dont mind that given the source, but it is regularly colored with a fair amount of comments that sound as if they are coming from a cocky, self-serving, slam-other-vendors-cuz-its-all-Ive-got PR hack – and I think I know better. Im not sure he realizes how it comes off, but thats his problem.

The tone of it has me pretty close to bailing out on it because Im really not getting anything positive out of it and I dont need the negativity.

Today was a bright spot, as he discussed their recent financial performance. He mentioned the 11 words that are supposed to motivate and guide Sun’s staff.

They are in 5 sentences, which are:

1. Make money
2. Grow
3. Re-enlist champions
4. Leverage our partners
5. Simplify our business

Not a bad list, though I found it interesting that there is nothing there that is explicitly about the customer. Hello?