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Pardon the asterisks, but social media’s kinda important

It’s Friday and I’m on my way back from Scout camp and on the way to the Montana Western Divisional Swim Meet. That means you get a guest post of sorts.

But I wouldn’t let you down with just any old guest post. This one has some serious stick-between-your-teeth to it. I suggest you click the “View on Slideshare” button on the lower right corner, as some of the text is really small – and it’s important enough to see.

Are you paying attention to this stuff yet? You should be.

Social media is how big, sometimes-faceless, global businesses can pretend to be just like your little carriage-trade business.

Are you going to let them get away with that?

Facebook and Twitter friends were treated to this last week – here on the blog, it had to go into the queue.