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Political Marketing: Are Obama, Clinton and McCain asking to be blacklisted?

delivering the mail (is your email being delivered?)On Tuesday, DirectMag (a direct marketing publication) wrote about Barack Obama’s email marketing list being polluted with “anti-spam zealots”.

IE: people who get super angry and vindictive about every spam email that hits their inbox.

Someone subscribed the email addresses of a number of these “zealots” to Obama’s email list and even worse, used names with their email address that are almost guaranteed to tick them off.

It was the natural thing for (my guess) an opponent to do to them. But it was easy to avoid.

After my earlier examination of the email and internet marketing being done by the candidates, I neglected to mention that none of them had a double opt-in facility in place to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

This is one of the reasons I recommend the use of AWeber. The whole double opt-in process is part of their offering, at no extra cost.

The really pathetic thing about this issue was the Obama campaign geek’s response that double opt-in wasn’t necessary because “no one who wants our emails would sign up anyway”.

This, even AFTER the anti-spam zealot incident.

Don’t be this clueless with your email newsletter list. Some people will tell you that double opt-in is unnecessary. It is, if you don’t mind taking the time to switch email providers, deal with spam complaints and bogus signups, and other exciting things like that.

Spend your time on more important things.