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5 minutes to build a more profitable business in a post-bailout economy

Everyone’s busy these days and I am no exception. If only the Borg could talk to WordPress:)

Because everyone is so busy, and because I’ve sensed a tenseness (but not a panic, at least not yet) among the small business owners I’ve talked to this week, I thought I might take only 5 minutes of your time today to help you tackle the stress you might be feeling.

If you are struggling to figure out where your customers are, or where they went, as well as where to find more, and how to keep them, give this a try:

Take 5 minutes EVERY DAY to think hard about what you can say to your customers and prospects TODAY that will benefit them, be of value to them, be of interest to them and make their lives and businesses better.

The money and time you spend to do this will be the best marketing investment you can make.

You might say, “Fine Mark, this is fine for us, show me what you’re doing so I can get an idea how to do this myself.”

Fair enough. This very issue is why I have an email newsletter, a print newsletter, a radio show, a business column in the local newspaper, speaking gigs, a book on the way (not as fast as I’d like…) and so on.

Despite all those things, and despite the fact that I am busier than ever…this is why a live TV show is just around the corner.

What are you doing to communicate with your prospects and clients?

How are you providing even the smallest piece of value to them every day, every week, or at the least, every month?

What are you doing to make sure that you are using the media that reaches each type of learner (some are readers, some listeners, some watchers).

Remember, despite all the noise in the news about the bailout, the election and everything else that’s going on, your economy isn’t dependent on Washington. Your economy is dependent upon you. Take the 5 minutes, and take it now.

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We have many of the same thoughts, people are terrified of the news they keep hearing but what it comes down to is for most of us it has little effect on what we actually do day to day. Some customers will stop buying but not all, it’s simply a matter of working smarter and harder.

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