Compass needed

Print THIS!

I bought another business in April 2006 (Im beginning to think I *collect* them). Because the business came with plenty of supplies and I had plenty of other things to juggle, it took a few weeks to get to calling all the vendors and making sure that I didn’t have any suppliers that are going to be a pita to deal with.

I emailed one of them who sent me a package. No response after a month.

I called the printer and spoke with a sales guy, owner, janitor or manager, he didn’t bother to say who he was. I asked for info on pricing and turnaround time. He said he’d get it to me. 3 weeks goes by. Nothing. Clearly, he doesn’t want or need my business. So…silly me, I call back.

He clearly remembers my request. Then he humhaws around (that’s a high-level business term meaning “stalling and mumbling”) and finally tells me that if I really want that info, he’ll have to send me credit app info and all that, since he has to worry about getting paid now that a non-relative owns the business. He clearly says in his tone of voice that he doesn’t want to do that. I tell him, that’s fine, I typically pay with Amex anyhow. He says “We don’t take credit cards”, then proceeds to assume that I’m done with them.

But I keep pressing. I ask him for Pantone colors on the stuff they print for us, since I’ll clearly need to go elsewhere for printing. He says “oh, the previous owner just picked them out each time, I don’t have that info.” Riiiight.
So by now, I’ve already well past deciding that this company couldn’t BEG me for another dime of business, but I press on, by now only interested in seeing what else this guy will do. He repeats himself a bit and says he’ll send me the info tomorrow, if I still want it. I say I do and we hang up.

No “Thanks for calling from out of state, I hope we can earn your business.” Just a silent, but very clear “I can’t be troubled to deal with you and your money” coming between the lines.