Book Reviews


In Caddyshack, Chevy Chase’s character advised Danny Noonan (the caddy) to “see your future…be, be your future”.

Good advice. Untold numbers of successful people attribute visualizing their success in their minds prior to achieving that success – sometimes day after day for years.

Jim Brown came out of the visualization closet and said he and some of the Cleveland Browns used to meet the day before a game and get their minds right – and attributed his amazing success to his attitude and visualization.

This is the premise of the rather old book written by Dr Maltz, Psychocybernetics. Its not really the kind of book that gets dogeared, instead, its a book that you end up reading repeatedly to remind you how/what to do when incorporating visualization techniques.

Its just something you need to read and do. Its one of the ways extremely successful people, athletes and executives achieve more than others.