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Is it the recession or is it you?

Normally I don’t do two guest posts in the same weekend from the same person, but Lisa Barone’s “It’s not the recession, you just suck” resonates with a number of things I’ve been passing along to you over the last few months.

As such, I thought I’d let someone else in the PickYourselfUp Choir sing the lead this time.

Here she is.

Look at it this way… if McDonald’s closed, you wouldn’t starve to death. Why would allow a business closure or layoff to starve your career?


8 replies on “Is it the recession or is it you?”

People are like sheep. When there is a recession, they get scared and stop spending money regardless of whether or not the recession effects them directly. Businesses operate in the same manner which many times make the recession far worse than it needs to be made.

I must admit that I have not felt any effects of this socalled recessation. I live in Adelaide Australia and have interests some different businesses. It is still good and, therefore, I cannot complain.

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