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Rest in peace, Jim Rohn

Mr. Jim Rohn passed away on Saturday.

While I haven’t seen him in four years, I will miss him. Thankfully I have a bunch of his recordings and video to keep me company, even though that’s not the same.

Rohn’s impact on business people for the last several decades is something you can’t even put a number on – but try this on. The guy who picked up Tony Robbins and helped him down the path to helping others… was Jim Rohn.

If you think about how many people Tony has impacted, you know that’s a big number. Some of those people have likely passed their newfound knowledge on to others as well.

That’s the impact of just ONE of the many people Jim has sent out into the world with better ideas and a better plan for themselves.

One of Mr. Rohn’s classic quotes goes something like “To improve your situation / job / life, start by improving *yourself*.” Rohn very strongly believed that life-long learners did better in life. Not just financially, but in all aspects of their lives.

It isn’t just for employers and entrepreneurs. Share this stuff with your employees. You want them to have better attitudes, work smarter, think better. It’s a gift that the right ones will appreciate.

To that end and to honor Jim’s role in helping others improve themselves, here’s some stuff to get you started:

RIP, sir.

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