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Sarcasm, humor and a great dog: Do they sell anything?

While I have and will continue to remind you about the need for ads that don’t actually help move a prospect (or existing customer) closer to buying (or buying again), this one is hits home on many levels with Guinness’ customers.

It makes fun of typical male weaknesses, while making us love the working dog.

Does it sell more Guinness? Tough to say.

It could be tracked by doing something like asking customers to refer to the ad in some way when they visit their favorite pub or beer store, perhaps in exchange for who-knows-what.

Does it matter? Or is the entertainment and “brand-on-your-mind one more time” enough?

As a small business owner, you need to know before you spend the money.

One reply on “Sarcasm, humor and a great dog: Do they sell anything?”

A company like Guinness spends a pile of money in every media, including online. IMHO, creative videos such as this (and Old Spice, etc.) help to reinforce the brand, build relationships and expand their audience. I think the uniqueness and humor is the key to such a project and why this video has been viewed by almost three million people.

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