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Scoble, Hawk, Ansel, Sadie & Yosemite: The power of social media

I know, I know, I’ve harping on this lately and I’ll maybe stop soon, but let me give you just a taste of the grass roots power (leverage, involvement, whatever you want to call it) that Web 2.0 social media technologies can give your clients. (Or can give them if you take advantage of it).

Yesterday afternoon, Robert Scoble headed up to Yosemite with Ansel Adams‘ son Michael, as well as photographer Thomas Hawk and his wife.

half dome glacier point

photo credit: Vox Humana

That conversation would’ve been good to listen to…whenever. Hearing Michael talk about his dad’s photo trips was great, if you’re a photographer who has stood where Ansel did in Yosemite.

Sidebar: In 1985, I spent a cold night in my car at the Tunnel View overlook in Yosemite National Park. Dinner was hot dogs cooked in aluminum foil placed on the engine because there was nothing else available in Yosemite that late. All that, just to catch a sunrise over Half Dome on my first visit to Yosemite. Yeah, I was a little late getting back to work at the EDS office in Sacramento that morning.

However Scoble is shooting video of their conversations with Ansel Adams’ son using a cell phone, which is streaming live back to so anyone can watch and listen live.

And there’s more (no Ginsu knives though): Via the site’s chat window, Robert and Thomas are taking live questions that appear on his phone. So I ask Robert a question using the chat window, which and Thomas go off on for several minutes, again – live.

And it goes on from there.

  • How do you empower your clients and involve them in your business like no one else can (or at least, will)?

  • Do you stream live video as you roast beans at your coffee shop? Likewise, your morning rush of happily caffeinated clientèle?

  • Do you stream video from your workout sessions if you’re a personal trainer?

Think about it.

Done? Already blown it off?

Try this on: Friend of mine from Twitter had his first baby late Wednesday (or at least, his wife did). In the old days, I might see photos or something today or next week, whatever.

Fast forward to the social media world – Sadie Loren is on a live streaming video feed from the hospital at 28 hours old, with grandparents, friends and other relatives on a live chat.

Catch on or catch up.

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3 replies on “Scoble, Hawk, Ansel, Sadie & Yosemite: The power of social media”


I have been trying to make a case with myself for starting a podcast on my site, and you have really helped me along in this decision. It’s just too darn easy to do it. What the heck is stopping me.
On a site like mine a weekly podcast plus some streaming video would REALLY set my site apart from it’s peers.

Why am I not doing it? It’s mostly all excuses.

Thanks for the great article.


Wow – what a beautiful baby this “Sadie” is… 😉

Great post my friend. You’re right about Social Media, you need to either catch on or catch up.

Thanks so much for posting information about my daughter on your blog…she’s more famous than me now online!

Looking forward to a continued frienship Mark!

alejandro reyes

Alejandro Reyes’s last blog post..The Most Important Day Of My Life

@Brad and @Alejandro,

Thanks for commenting. I started writing this while watching Scoble yesterday (and he’s doing it again today from Glacier Point in Yosemite), and had finished the post, but Alejandro’s video last night is the one that really polished it off as something that has the power to change a business’ relationship with their customers.

And that, my friends, is what this blog is all about: Making it personal.


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