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Stop worrying about your commissions

photo credit: 401(K) 2013 Recently I was doing a little business with a large Microsoft distributor – a sale that required a license agreement. Initially, the deal couldn’t be finalized because I use a PO Box for my business address. Trouble is, they “don’t allow” license agreements with a business that uses a PO Box. […]

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Starting a New Business: Part 2 – Are you ready?

photo credit: elbfoto Last time we talked briefly about things to consider in the early going of the business you just started. We talked a little about the product/service, but focused mostly on some basics about licenses/permits and getting supplies with a little taste of business model talk. The reality is that we shouldn’t have […]

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6 ways to score your business like the smart grid

photo credit: phatman While doing some book research, I found this Network World article about six security-related weaknesses in the United States’ smart grid. If you step back a little, it makes a good lens for examining your business and your products/services. While I suggest you read the article to help you use these six […]

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An ethical lapse, or just not knowing any better?

photo credit: KhayaL Last night I was working on the web site for our local Scout camp. Lots of Scout troops from out of state visit Glacier National Park every year. Some of them use our local Scout camp property as a “base camp” for a week or two of treks they make into the […]

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A desk calendar, a yellow pad and a pen

photo credit: Anonymous Account A few weeks ago, I mentioned that there were some “numbers you might care about“. Examples we talked about included figuring out the costs to obtain both a new prospect/lead and a new customer. In prior discussions, I’ve also suggested that you need to be thanking your customers, following up with […]

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Throw The Fastball

photo credit: Chuck â??Cavemanâ? Coker I get a fairly steady flow of referrals and hope you’ve done at least some of what I’ve suggested so you can get them too. Sometimes folks looking for pretty specific gigs are referred to me as well. I appreciate these referrals as much as the “Hey, this business needs […]

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Selling The Right Thing

photo credit: Ash-rly A couple of weeks back, I received an email from a website owner asking for one of my OpenLine sessions (which are currently booked about two weeks out). In essence, the question was “Why aren’t our clients registering for our services?” The situation required more discussion (in detail, anyhow) than I could […]

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Are you building bridges or moats?

[audio:] photo credit: raindog Look closely at your business and think of each thing you do that interacts with other vendors, competitors, customers, prospects and your community. For each interaction, consider whether it builds a bridge or a moat: A bridge allows someone on one side of a chasm or river to get to the […]

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5 strategies to bailout your Main Street business without Federal help

While the news is littered with discussion, arguments and political posturing about the U.S. Government bailout of the financial industry, there’s no meaningful discussion about more than 27 million Main Street businesses that never get that kind of help. So, being the nice guy that I am:), I’ve assembled 5 strategies to help you weather […]

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This old man, he’s got Dish.

Well, he sorta has Dish. He has a bill every month anyhow. Dish Networks is simply amazing. I haven’t done business with them in years. Their customer service 8 years ago was mildly annoying but nothing unusual for a public “utility” of that nature. We expect them to be bad, or at least, barely better […]