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SeaTac DoubleTree & Livingston’s Comfort Inn – service with more than a smile

I’m waiting for someone to walk up and ask if they can iron my socks.

The service at the SeaTac DoubleTree is outstanding so far. For those who havent been over this way, “SeaTac” means Seattle-Tacoma. It’s also the name of the airport, as I recall (which we are right next door to).

When you walk up to registration, if anyone is in line and not being waited on, someone magically appears until all the registers are full. Before you step away from the counter, a small paper bag with a warm Ghiradelli chocolate chip cookie is offered as a little piece of welcome comfort food.

If you happen to pause in the lobby area and have any sort of quizzical look on your face (“thinking” counts), one of the bellmen will slide over and make sure you are ok and don’t need help, directions or what not.

Even in the coffeeshop (yes, a Seattle area hotel with a coffee shop, whodathunkit?), the service is friendly, and the staff smiles and makes eye contact like they should. You know, as opposed to a scowl or a blank “is anyone home?” look on their face.

Refreshing vs the surly, non-descript, corporate blank stare service I get from so many other places that does more to annoy me than anything else.

Just now, the manager of the hotel strolled by and was straightening chairs in the coffee shop and lighting little candle deals on the tables. He was just dotting i’s and crossing t’s on his way to somewhere else. A few ladies walked up and stopped about 40 feet away where a hallway beckoned. They were looking around as if they were lost, or at least trying to decide if they were in the right place. Looking for maybe 5 seconds, that is. He immediately stopped what he was doing, walked over and introduced himself and asked “Ladies, is there anything I can do to assist you?” Didnt have to do that. Many wouldnt. He did.

A few minutes later, an assistant mgr came by and straightened all the chairs that had been moved around since the manager strolled through a while ago. Every chair, just so. Every candle moved back to the middle of the table.

Speaking of, week before last I was in Livingston MT’s Comfort Inn, which is right outside the original northern entrance to Yellowstone. Livingston is a small, sleepy little town in the winter and a metropolis of tourists in the summer. The Comfort Inn in the middle of winter in a little hibernating town is not exactly the type of place that I expect “extra” service, but I got it.

It just happened to be the week that the high school state basketball tournament was 20 miles down the road in Bozeman (whose rooms were all full). result: Girls, coaches and buses are everywhere. Thankfully, I had a reservation and for some reason, the computer put my room smack dab in the middle of a slew of high school girls basketball players’ rooms. IE: Expect noise and possibly late hours.

The manager noticed this when I checked in and moved me away from them, after noting to me that she thought it would be a good idea from a noise perspective. Since my teenage sons weren’t with me, I agreed:)

Not something that she had to do or notice, but she did. Attention to details.

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Note: Another visit to the SeaTac DoubleTree proved that this level of service was no fluke. I was in Seattle for another Rotary PETS this weekend and the DoubleTree staff was still exemplary.

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