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Seeking a pulse at The Daily Interlake

The phone rings and I just cant believe it. More on that in a moment.

Every time I see fellow GKIC member and newspaper industry wizard Jim Hart, he has another amazing story about the incompetence of the newspaper industry. If your newspaper is struggling, open your wallet and talk to this guy.

Thing is, I dont even have to go out of town and visit with Jim to hear these stories. I get em right here at home. Makes me crazy. This really isnt that difficult, but I digress. is our local daily newspaper. They cover the Flathead Valley in Montana.

Delivery is another matter.

I have attempted to subscribe to the Daily Interlake no less than 5 different times, probably more. Every single time, they struggle to get a paper to me. They refuse to deliver Sunday only. Even when I subscribe daily, the papers don’t show up consistently, or consistently before I leave for my office (which is usually after taking the kids to school), or they stop the paper delivery on their own because I’m out of town for a week, yet they never start it again. Or call.

BUT the most insane thing of all for me, the geek, is that their circulation department’s telemarketing group apparently has no access to the newspaper’s circulation database. If they did, they wouldn’t need to call active subscribers to ask them if they want to subscribe (again?). Yet, they keep doing it.

Worse yet, they’re paying a telemarketer to make the calls, so there’s real money involved by not having this data available to the marketing folks.


I should note that I used to get almost a dozen small town papers from all over the Rockies. Salida CO, Jackson Hole WY, Pinedale WY, Lander WY. These days, I still get papers from Columbia Falls MT, Hamilton MT, Fort Benton MT, and Plains MT. NONE of them have these problems. In fact, I cant remember a goof from any of them. Good job to those guys.

PS: Work on the website, please. Even if I have to pay for access. In fact, make me feel like its worth paying for. Till then, I’ll get my Interlake at City Brew or Coffee Traders.