Selling candy bars via a joint venture

The other day, an organization here in town started selling candy bars to raise money to pay for coaches and supplies for a summer sports league. Late in the summer, they have a home meet where hundreds of families come to town to compete – where they stay for the better part of 3 days and spend their money.

The candy bars are $1. I’m sure you’ve all seen them, they’re the “World’s Finest” fundraising brand.

I bought one and noticed that they have a Pizza Hut coupon on them. For $2.

Yep, you got it, there’s a net gain of $1 if you happen to like the kind of pizza that the coupon is good for (the expensive ones with lots of stuff on them).

I suggested to the board of the organization that they sit down with the manager of the Pizza Hut and make some sort of joint venture offer.

Something like this, noting that the candy bars have a $2 coupon on them:

  • If someone calls and orders a pizza that qualifies, offer the candy bar to them for an extra $1, advising them that the bar includes a coupon for $2, meaning they get a discount and a free candy bar out of the deal.
  • Put a sign on the drive through, the letter board out front and on the drive up window that explains the deal – might even go so far as to tell them that Pizza Hut will pay them a buck to take a candy bar and support a local team.
  • Make sure the register people are trained (and reminded) to do the upsell. Make a contest out of it.
  • Talk the local banks into putting the promotion on their sign boards – supporting the team.

I almost forgot: At the meet, the team sells food and meet programs.

They could do any combination of these as thanks for the joint venture:

  • Give Pizza Hut a full page ad in the program, and thank them for their help in the ad (or a separate one)
  • Sell Personal Pan Pizzas at the meet (the hut is right down the street from the meet location)
  • Give personal pan coupons (buy any pizza, get a personal pan free – remember, picky eaters might be on the teams) away, include them in the program, or offer them as prizes for kids who win events. Feed the kids free, get the parents in the door and sell them a $20 pizza and a pitcher…

Or, you could have kids running around door to door, taking HOURS of time.

You might think that Pizza Hut is going to have to eat a lot of discounts. Thing is, these types of coupons are typically reimbursed by the corporate office. The local store isn’t likely to be hurt a bit – in fact, they may see some increased sales due to the coupon being for the higher end pizzas.

The Pizza Hut thing is far more viral and meets the benefit of the bar purchase head on. Wonder if the other pizza stores (or any restaurants) in town would jump in and honor the coupons as a show of support for the team?

Cant hurt to ask…

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This is a great idea. Did the board go for it? If so, can you update us after the promotion is over and let us know how it went?

I love those chocolate bars–and I’m a sucker for PH’s Supreme pizza. I’m gaining weight just sitting here thinking about it.-)




I havent heard from them yet, probably will tonight. Will follow up on the results if they go for it:)


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