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Do you know what you’re going to get…before you get it? They do.

The difference between customer’s expectations and what a business delivers is the source of so much pain for business owners.

It’s pain that’s preventable. EASILY preventable.

How? By helping set a customer’s expectations in advance: Before they do business with you. Before your next delivery. Before your service person shows up.

So think about it… How are you setting/adjusting customer expectations?

If you don’t set them, you get to try and meet unknown expectations.

Which situation is better?

Do you want customers assuming less of you than they will get? If so, they might go somewhere else before you get a chance to earn their business.

Do you want customers assuming far more of you than they will get? If their expectation is far above what you usually deliver, you’re setting them up to be angry. Every single time.

Helping customers form expectations (“the blueprint” Tony refers to) in advance before they form their own is critical because you have no idea what their own expectations will be based on – but you can be fairly certain they won’t match.

Ronald is consistent

A perfect example of this can be seen when you consider people traveling: They take their family to dinner at a franchise restaurant (like McDonald’s). Frequently, it’s a restaurant that they could visit any day of the year because there’s one in their hometown.

Why? Because they know what to expect. It’s one reason why franchises and corporate restaurants/hotels do well. Expectations are already in place and more often than not, get delivered because of the systems in place that are, in part, designed to deliver consistency from location to location.

When you run a local hotel or restaurant, it’s just one of the things you’ve got to overcome.

How do you set expectations in advance? It touches on everything you do, from advertising to delivery and follow up.

A little Tony

This video is about meeting your own personal expectations, but the parallel will be obvious. It does a great job of showing how truly, deeply powerful expectations are and why we talk about them so often.

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