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Small Business Blogging 101

Without whacking you about the head and shoulders like the penguin lady with her ruler (in the movie, The Blues Brothers), it’s clear that there are some businesses out there who need to pay a little bit of attention to blogging – and understand why it’s important – and then get started. This is not about the Swift Boat Vets, or Britney, etc.

It’s about being visible when someone does a Google search (still, submit a Google Local entry as well).

It’s about positioning you and your business as experts, authority figures and the like – and having the info in your blog to prove it.

It’s damage control, if you need it, and of course, if you have the gumption to do it in public where it’ll actually do some good.

It’s about getting rid of that boring “brochure” website and putting up something that HELPS your prospects decide that you are THE place to shop, as well as offering your clients what they need to use what they bought from you, get it fixed, repair it, use it, and eventually, replace it.

It’s marketing. Yes, I said it. The M word. I can feel the lashings already:)

If you look back at a few recent blog posts, both here and over at Glenn’s place at (and those he linked to), you’ll find that folks have done a fairly good job of showing owners of “mundane” businesses who think they have nothing to say, and think they have no reason to blog – exactly why and how a business blog not only makes sense, but offers real value to their clients.

So far, I’ve produced a list for jewelry store owners and outdoor power equipment dealers. Owners of those two types of businesses may think they have nothing in common.

Do you sell insurance? Do you take 300 calls a month answering questions that your client would have liked to get answers to at 9:27pm last Sunday night? Tell Warren and Marge over there in the corporate compliance in Milwaukee to get a real job, and post the info on your blog anyway. You work for the clients, not corporate compliance. I dont mean confidential stuff, just the things that you normally think you have to get the Warren-and-Marge “Stamp of OkeeDokee” on, yet they are no threat to anyone’s privacy, sanity or ability to stay between the lines.

The point is, there IS information that your prospects and clients want, at 9:27pm on a Sunday night – because they aren’t at work, and the kids are finally in bed, and American Idol doesn’t come on for 3 more minutes and they remembered to take care of it. Tomorrow, they’ll be at work, they’ll forget, or they don’t have time to call.

Blogs offer a simple, no-geek-required (after the installation, worst case) way to get your important info on the web where your prospects and clients can find it. If you can type a letter in Microsoft Word, you can blog. It isnt rocket science.

Meanwhile, you’ve got deposit slips sitting around that need something to do. So get blogging.

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I liked this post before I saw the link to my blog.-) Businesses need to move into the blogosphere just as they moved onto the Internet in the 1990’s. Just as they moved into TV in the 1950’s.

Thanks for the link, Mark.



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