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Square watermelons or stagnant thought. Your choice.

Today’s guest post is from Dave Knox over at Hard Knox Life, who happens to live in the heart of Razorback country (specifically, Fayetteville AR), which just happens to be where I went to school.

Among other things, Dave talks about innovation and not being tied into what’s always been done.

His example? Growing square watermelons in Japan in order to save space in stores and to make shipping and packaging more efficient.

Are your business’ watermelons round?

If so, is it best that they have to stay that way?

If so, great. If not, what are you waiting for?

2 replies on “Square watermelons or stagnant thought. Your choice.”

Great to see a former Razorback blogging about the world of marketing. I didnt go there myself but the time down here in Fayetteville has taught me how to call them hogs for sure.

Anyways, appreciate the guest post. Businesses big and small have the opportunity to think about square watermelons. A lot of us get comfortable the success of our current business model and then get caught flat footed when someone innovates in such a way that we become irrelevant. It should be a constant challenge think if there is a better way.

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