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What makes you shine like a Ferrari?

Imagine getting laid off at 63 years of age simply because you’re old.

Now they won’t tell you that because you could sue them for that. Instead, they lay you off because another (ie: younger) employee doesn’t have to make as much.

Like a kick in the gut, you’d think.

But not for this guy. Despite health issues, a divorce, a failed consulting firm and getting fired simply because he (wink, wink) made too much, Michael Gates Gill proudly says he can make a toilet shine like a Ferrari.

He says “Starbucks saved my life“, but I think he’s wrong. 

More on that in a minute. 

More than ever, service matters

Some businesses offer great service. Some do not.

More often than not, the difference is in the attitude of the person behind the counter. They do what no one else will do (much less try) – just like the dog in the photo. 

In Mr. Gill’s case, the right attitude is really what saved his life – the attitude of both his and those of the people he works with. 

I’ll bet it comes across the counter at his shop. In fact, I’ll bet it impacts the attitude of many of his clientele and causes people to want him to wait on them rather than someone else.

Do you have anyone like that?

4 replies on “What makes you shine like a Ferrari?”

I actually had a friend with almost similar story and similar age. Recently I mentioned him in my article about perseverance and current market. See “Great attitude example #1”
Get over yourselves! Things are not as bad as you paint them!

Apolinaras “Apollo” Sinkeviciuss last blog post..Get over yourselves! Things are not as bad as you paint them!

Never underestimate what good, or bad service can do for your business. If you had two identical restaurants, one where the waiters are friendly and cheerful and the other where they are miserable and rude which one are you going to go to?

Well done to the chap!

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