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The smart cavemen have mastodons chasing *them*

Every day, a lot of folks pull on the panty hose or cinch up the silk tie, drive a $20-30-40K car to the office and then proceed to pursue prospects with a club, just like the caveman did umpteen thousand years ago.

They’ve been told (or know from experience) that for every 500 (or 150, 0r 4500) prospects they chase, they’ll manage to catch and club a certain number and drag them back to the cave (er, I mean office) by the hair, just like those Geico guys used to do when they chased mastodons thousands of years ago.

So how does the modern day caveman decide what to do today? They look at their quota for the day and go out looking for someone to club.

But…I don’t see many doing the math. Of those who do, seems like an awful lot of them are taking that quota for the day and multiplying it times the number of mastodons… I mean prospects… it takes to get a daily-quota-full of customers.

Don’t get me wrong

I don’t want anyone to think that getting those new customers is a bad thing. It isn’t as long as you’re delivering what they want and need.

My point is that you’re wasting a lot of time chasing the mastodons that do little more than waste your time. Why chase something that runs 1 mph (in effect) faster than you?

To wear it down? What if you wear down first?

Will you be able to run just as fast at 50 as you do at 25 or 30? (inside secret – not likely, no matter what YOU think)

To be sure, if that’s the only way you can get there, by all means head out with your club rather than doing nothing.

Just keep in mind that you’re working harder than you have to. Not that there’s anything wrong with working hard (notice a pattern here?), but if you’re gonna lift mastodons over your head, lift the ones that pay off.

So what’s the alternative?

Get the mastodons to chase you

Taking your club, going out and getting 500 NOs so you can get 10 YESs works, but it works in a way that hides the waste.

What if you could get 25 to 50 of those people to line up in the “Maybe, tell me more” line IN ADVANCE?

Not only would you waste a lot less time hearing “No” but you’d have a TON more time to talk in detail with folks who are actually interested in what you’re have to offer them.

Instead of rushing from No to No, you’d have all that extra time to actually LISTEN to the Maybes. Imagine how much more you could learn about what they need.

Real time, real money

Let’s take a look at the real cost. “Extra time” is a little too fluffy for me.

Figure you spend 5 minutes at the most *on average* with those 500 prospects: 5 minutes per call times 500 calls is 2500 minutes.

That’s TWO and a half WEEKS, plus an hour and change, assuming you’re working 40 hour weeks. You’re getting nothing else done for that two and half weeks?

  • Can you pay your way on the 10 or 50 clients/sales that gets you over that 2 week period?
  • Can you maintain that pace?
  • Do you have that many leads? (1000+ leads per month)

It’s a lot easier and more profitable to be the expert that people in that market seek out by reputation.

Plus it gives you the time to serve those folks properly rather than wasting your time disqualifying (“getting rid of”) 450-475 people.

Let your positioning do that.