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Stuff You Gotta Read

People ask me on a fairly regular basis what I read, particularly about marketing, personal development and similar. I have a few in the DogEars section, but havent gotten to reviewing all of the ones I would recommend to someone.

Add to that, Im in the process of moving a bunch of stuff from home to office, and reorganizing the office, so book are everywhere – including a pile in my car:)

So…Ill add them here as I encounter them, reviewed or not, and get reviews up in the DogEars area as time permits. Understand that the topics are all over the place, so make do, ok? Authors may also be listed here, just to give you a heads up till I find the book title.

IMPORTANT: These are NOT in order of importance, quality, my opinion of them, etc. They just are.

The individual links (below) go to Amazon, or you can just go here to select from an Amazon-created pile of Mark-recommended books.

The Not-Yet-Complete-List

7 Habits – Covey

Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless – Gitomer

Patterson Principles of Selling – Gitomer

Dan Kennedy’s books

Zig Ziglar’s books

Jim Rohn’s books
Some are in print, some in audio.
More info on Jim at his site (click here)

Acres of Diamonds

Obvious Adams

John Maxwell

Psychocybernetics – Maxwell Maltz (or the Kennedy-Maltz version)

Add to this list: Almost any old (early 1900’s) sales/marketing/personal improvement books. Some real classics exist from those days.