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Rapping McDonald’s order gets a bad rap

While the above video is several years old, this news piece about a real group of would-be rappers placing their order via rap is not only new, but managed to get the boys arrested.

How would your employees react? How would you react?

The obvious answer to their order is… “Do you want fries with that?”  (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Seriously though, while I can see where you might have trouble getting the order correct (I picked up some but not all of it), but there was a lot more to be gained from this by reacting positively.

Instead of taking a shot at alienating an entire community of teens for something this harmless, there are several other options.

One easy example: invite them to judge a Rap-Your-Order contest. McDonald’s corporate could get a big-time rapper to do the same thing on a national basis.

Think “American Idol meets Big Mac meets P Diddy.”

A contest would likely engage one of your highest transaction frequency customer groups – teens.

The Rap Police

Sure, you’d have to make it clear that rapping your order was not something you want to hear at the drive-up, and I’m sure that no matter what the solution to that issue might be, the average McDonald’s franchisee could figure out how to enforce it without alienating their customers.

It might be easier to encourage rap orders during very specific times. For example, you might offer some sort of promo (upsized drink, for example) for clearly rapped orders during a typical teenage-heavy timeframe, such as late night weekends.

Whatever you do, if you do it to engage your customers, you can think it through and figure out the ins and outs of the situation.

Your contest might turn into an annual event and might also get you quite a lot of no-cost PR.

Or you could be a grumpy old cuss and have them arrested. That’s sure to engage your teen clients and their parents (and friends and so on).

Which seems like a better long term move?