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What is reasonable?

Good question.

The answer? Depends on who answers the question.

Slide over to Scott McKain’s blog for one company’s answer.

Hey, you’re back.

To give AT&T a little bit of credit, you have to admit that trying to predict what was going to happen (and plan infrastructure) for the iPhone release was just about impossible. Especially, as Andrew G says, if you weren’t expecting the runaway freak hit that the phone has become (and continues down that path. He has a point.

Time will tell what seems reasonable in urban areas affected by this issue. Regardless of what’s reasonable, there are a lot of folks out there in these areas that are pretty grumpy about the service they’re getting.

What’s this got to do with you?

What do your customers think is reasonable of your business’ behavior? Maybe you should ask (you should know, but asking beats guessing).