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Half full or half empty? Either way, it’s still half.

Creative Commons License photo credit: boyghost

Today is June 30.

Unless your business model is seasonal (which is common here in Montana), you should be at 50% of your annual goals as of the end of business today.

Whether you are or not, looking back over the last 6 months should provide some insight as you look forward and adjust your plans for the second half of 2009.

Over, Under, Worked, Didn’t

Where are you over and under budget?

In each case, are there *good* reasons for that?

If things are below budget, did you drop the ball, fail to market effectively (or at all), lose a competitive edge, have a drop in productivity or something else?

If you are at or over budget, did you follow your marketing and business plan for the first half of the year? Did productivity rise?

Are systems lightening the load of menial work, allowing you to get more productive, profit-generating work done? If you don’t have systems, perhaps you should. If you systems could do more, look at how they can – and prioritize their implementation.

What worked? Simple response: Do more of that.

What didn’t work? Again, common sense says you should assess how you can fix that thing or eliminate it.

You decide.

When I ask you to examine what is over and under budget, make sure you look at non-budget categories. Things like number of new leads, number of new customers, advertising performance by media/by ad, and so on.

One thing is almost certain. If you do for the next 6 months what you did for the last 6 months, chances are the 2nd half of 2009 will be little different from the first half.

You can decide whether that’s good or not.