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Joel nails it: Why Circuit City really closed

Today’s guest post comes from Joel Spolsky by way of Inc. Magazine.

Joel’s closing comment about the death of Circuit City:

For a business owner, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching honest dealers expand their operations while the schmucks, with their going-out-of-business markups, go down the drain.

Man, that’s just perfect. Let ’em shrivel up and die, they definitely EARNED it.

Check out the rest of Joel’s post here.

I’ll admit it. I spent $20 at Circuit City about 15 years ago. But just once. Really.

My only excuse: I wouldn’t have to drive across town to Radio Shack (yes, I am ashamed).

Circuit City wasn’t even a fun place to browse if you’re a gear head (or a wannabe gear head). What’s THAT about?

As for B&H, it’s enough to say that all my camera gear comes from there. Ouch:)