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Improving the conversation

Ever watch closely as a teenager or younger kid watches TV, listens to an iPod or CD? They change the channel or song constantly. They rarely seem to listen to the whole song.

Today’s guest post (I’m in a canoe, remember?) is a video of a talk by Clay Shirky at Web 2.0 Expo (a conference). Transcript is here if you prefer to read rather than listen/watch.

Don’t change the channel if you don’t care about Web 2.0 (a thing, sorta). The talk is about time, what we do with it and so on, but there’s another message there.

It’s also about understanding your employees, what motivates them (much less your kids), and perhaps even doing a better job of understanding your clients.

If you’re a little older, this just might make you crazy.

Clay explains some of why that is, and it also just might help you understand how to improve the conversations you have with clients and with employees.

Insightful stuff.