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What you should be doing about the CPSIA

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I spent some time on the phone today with Senator Baucus’ office in DC. Ended up spending about 20 minutes with Bruce Fergusson, Baucus’ business specialist in this area. 

Bottom line – he said this:

  • If you contact your reps/Senators, calling them by phone is far and away the best thing to do. Call their DC office. Everyone emails and almost no one calls. Calling stands out and gets a real person on the line most times.
  • Because the legislation is already law, calling the CPSC for clarification of the impact on your specific business is best. They have till Feb 10 to formulate the first set of rules for the CPSIA. Your call – the sooner the better – can impact the result. You can contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission via the contact info behind this link.


Meanwhile, keep working on the other channels of communication:

  • Work as much as possible by phone.
  • Blog.
  • Write letters – real ones with a stamp.
  • Fax.
  • Get interviewed on local tv, radio or in the newspaper.
  • Talk to your vendors, manufacturers reps and markets about it. 
  • Tell your customers about it and ask them to contact their representatives. Give them a short letter to mail and sign to make it easy.

The number of people who know about this law is still very, very small. You can fix that.

February 10th is just around the corner.

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CPSIA and small business – Still ignored by the Senate

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Only 2 sites mention the CPSIA.

Feinstein’s mention relates to her dislike for the CPSC’s interpretation of toy sales after Feb 10 and a press release regarding proposed changes.

Klobuchar’s simply crows about her involvement in passing the law. It’s understandable other than the lack of consideration for craftspeople and homemade products businesses.

NEITHER say a word about the impact the CPSIA will have on small businesses, craftspeople, artisans and others who make, sell or resell handcrafted items.

What did your representatives say about it when you called them?

Who will you blame on Feb 10th if there are no changes to the CPSIA that provide relief for homemade products related businesses?