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The one thing that can transform your business?

Over the weekend, I asked the folks on Twitter “What are you doing some of the time that would transform your business if you did it all of the time?

A few of the responses…


Great question Mark. It would be more one on one conversations. SO effective and “social”. I love business with social people.

From @DagnysPromise:

“Face to Face PR. I don’t spend nearly enough time and the results are incredible.”

Others indicated they needed to think about it, but I suspect they know what it is for their business. 🙂

One of them, @AmericanCanvas, asked me:

You still have me thinking about what works in business that I should do daily, thanks for this nugget! What is it for you?

Everything and every task in its place

For me, it’s staying organized.

Staying organized keeps me focused, which produces more *and* better results, which naturally leads to transformational accomplishment.

So I’ll ask YOU…

What are you doing SOME of the time that would TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS if you did it ALL of the time?

I encourage you to make note of that transformational thing in the comments here. If nothing else, putting it in writing will force a form of accountability on you, even if you post anonymously.

Me? I have it printed in a very large face font and taped to the wall right behind my monitor as a constant reminder of what makes THE difference when it is top of mind.

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Productivity on a weekend!

Today’s guest post is about a couple of tools that I thought you might find handy.

Slither over to David Seah’s blog and you’ll find 2 pretty handy tools to make you more productive: The Printable CEO Series and The Compact Calendar.

photo credit: ericmcgregor

As you might expect, I think the more planning and scheduling you can do – the more productive you will be – assuming there’s a dose of self-discipline in there as well. Look at it this way, it’ll give you lots more time to watch American Idol on the TiVo – on YOUR schedule 🙂