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Who sells our stuff? Dont know, dont care.

Who sells your stuff?

Many wholesalers list the brick and mortar stores and online outlets where their products can be found, but a substantial number don’t, citing competitive issues and so on.

Unless your products are in some way objectionable (which could mean almost anything), I really can’t see a reason not to let people know where they can find your wholesale products locally.

Clearly, there’s at least one vendor here in Montana who disagrees, as I recently received this email:

We recently got our dog back to live with us. I am a subscriber to and just recently I have started to look at the site for many things. Weather transitioning for dogs, stress etc… The first thing I noticed about him is that one of his eyes is starting to get a little cloudy (he is 10 yrs. old). So with that set-up here is the link I rec’d just last week from Dogster.

I contacted the Buck Mountain Botanicals that Dogster recommended and just as luck would have it, they are in nearby Miles City, MT. I contacted them to find out what retailer/vet carried their product in my town. The response is below in bold.

“We are a wholesaler and don’t keep track of who buys what. You can buy this product through a veterinarian or pet store. It is also easy to find retailers by Googling Buck Mountain Milk Thistle.”

I was stunned by their response for the following reasons:

  • Not a “thank you for inquiring about our product”
  • They “don’t track of who buys what” – I was further stunned by this! How do they stay in business, if they have no idea who buys their product?

Keep in mind is nationally recognized website that I have been using/following for over 8 years.

BTW, I did Google the retailers and purchased the product that evening plus I purchased a pair of dog earrings as well. Yeah, I know I am a sucker! :0)

Still stunned and amazed,

<dog owner>

The problem with “we don’t keep track of who buys our stuff” is that it simply isn’t believable. I think the wholesaler simply didn’t want to take the time to look up a retailer in the customer’s town, or better – point out the Google map on their website that shows where their retailers are (except…they don’t have one).

Do you really think that a wholesaler doesn’t know who their best retailers are?

On the other hand, let’s assume they were telling the truth. How do they know which retailer is their best? If they aren’t tracking retail distribution, what else aren’t they tracking?

Which products sell the best?

Which parts of the country are un-served or underserved?

You’d think that in “today’s economy”, people would want to take a personal interest in making it as easy as possible to get their products into a customer’s hands.

Most of us can easily look elsewhere for the things you sell. Don’t ever forget that.

Remember…Business is Personal. The little things are often what make it stay that way.

PS: Note the comment about dog earrings. There truly is a niche for everything. Ok, they probably aren’t for the dog. Still, there were 354,000 results in Google for “dog earrings”.