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Dreaming not just OK, it’s essential.

Early in the movie “Dances with Wolves”, the Sioux tribe elders are discussing what to do about John Dunbar, Kevin Costner’s character in the movie.

Costner plays a lone Army scout at a remote outpost in the western plains.

The tribe had just discovered his presence earlier that day and the elders were discussing what to do around the chief’s fire.

After listening for some time, as chiefs tend to do, the chief talks about finding one man in the middle of the wilderness all by himself. He wonders if the man has “medicine” because he seems unafraid of being out in the plains in the middle of nowhere, despite being all alone.

When John Dunbar asked for this remote duty, he had no idea what he was in for and it just sounded interesting to him, so he did it. Kevin Costner’s character was an entrepreneur, in Army terms. A dreamer (but also a doer).

Dreaming is OK, really.

A while back, someone called me a dreamer. It almost felt derogatory, but I know it wasn’t intended that way.

What bothered me then and still bothers me to this very moment is that this person left me with the idea that they felt dreaming was a bad thing.

A thing to be avoided, or best case, a thing for children rather than entrepreneurs. I couldn’t disagree more.

I really donâ??t know what caused this person to lose that part of themselves, but I see a lot of that these days and it concerns me.

Recovery is in OUR hands

You see, I believe that the dreamers are the ones who fuel things like economic recovery.

Presidents donâ??t do it. Congressional Representatives donâ??t do it. Senators donâ??t do it.

Business people and their customers do it.

Dreaming isn’t enough

It takes more than a dreamer though. It takes a dreamer who is also a doer. Without action, a dream is not worth much.

A big thinker who does little more than think and doesn’t share their brilliance or find a doer to implement their great idea isnâ??t nearly as important (in my mind at least) as someone who isnâ??t quite so brilliant, but gets out of their chair every day and makes things happen.

It simply isnâ??t enough to sit here and think “What if?”

There HAS to be action.

Often, part of being an entrepreneur is not always knowing what’ll be there when you arrive.