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Why don’t you do what you know needs to be done?

I was listening to Sam Clark this morning and he was talking about a group he surveyed about their business habits and noted that 86% of the people surveyed had no plan.

We talked about this when I first heard this comment from Sam a few months ago, but didn’t really press the issue.

Dan Kennedy calls it the “Monday morning reinvention” – where people show up at work Monday morning and start all over again. They sit down, they get coffee, and then they start figuring out what they need to do that week, at least until they’re distracted by a few joke emails or a link to someplace that takes them somewhere else until it’s “suddenly” lunchtime, or mid-afternoon.

Would it shock you to look across the room at 100 people at today’s Rotary Club meeting or Chamber of Commerce lunch and find that only 14 of them are working a plan to get where they want to be.

The other 86 have:

  • No plan for today.
  • No plan for tomorrow.
  • No plan for next week.
  • No plan for next month.
  • No plan for getting their business, or their part of the business, from where it is today to where it will be tomorrow. A

We all know that you have to plan in order to achieve what you want, so why do so few people do it?

Start today. Don’t give me that “one of these days” comments, or “I’ll start on it next week, it’s too late for this week”.

Do it now. As soon as you finish reading this post.

Why now? I already know you aren’t working – because you’re reading this:)

If you aren’t working a daily or work week plan, take 15-30 minutes or however long it takes and figure out what your most important achievements for this week will be.

Now take a few minutes and figure out what the first few steps are to work toward each one, and start on them. NOW.

As you finish those first few steps, figure out the next few, and then knock them off.

At the end of the day, spend a few minutes planning tomorrow. Repeat it the rest of the week at the end of each day.

If you *are* one of the 14% who are working a plan, don’t forget to re-assess where you are at the end of the day, adjust as necessary and stick to it.

Do what most people aren’t doing. Get what most people arent getting.

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A Brief Guide to World Domination

Today’s guest post is from an admitted non-conformist, Chris Guillebeau.

I like his attitude, and I think you might get something from reading his manifesto, A Brief Guide to World Domination, much less some other stuff on his site.

It doesn’t sound much like a business piece, but I think you’ll find it useful in your business and elsewhere once you dive in.

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25% of 2008 is gone. Where do you stand?

Flying Crap
photo credit: jurvetson

1/4th of 2008 is gone, history, finito.

Are you 25% of the way to completing your 2008 goals?

Did you reach your 1st quarter goals?

If so, use what you learned and achieved to drive your accomplishments to your 2nd quarter goals.

If not, why not? Be honest with yourself.

It’s April 3rd. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Spend a moment blaming that person in the mirror, and then shake it off and get moving.

Get out that Jim Rohn goal planner worksheet (or similar tool – whatever works for you) and get to work.