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Are your prospects giddy?

My apologies for not providing you with your expected Monday morning post, but I was a little distracted yesterday.

You see, at 4:49pm Mountain time, I became a grandfather for the first time.

And this morning, before she got another chance to divert my attention – and yes, she’s already quite good at that – I thought it might be worthwhile to make note of two markets that you might be ignoring.

Or maybe not ignoring, but not doing enough to pursue them.

Does your business have an affinity toward new parents or new grandparents?

If so, what are you doing to put yourself in front of them at the most critical times – before and just after the new arrival?

Photographers these days seem to have a handle on this for the most part. It’s hard to find a nursery/OB area in a hospital that doesn’t have free, large-format baby photos from a local photographer – with their contact info.

Some even offer the new parents a free first portrait by including a coupon in the gift basket provided by the hospital.

Some might even use the local public records, or at least the birth announcements in the paper, to know that it’s time to send something to get the attention of the new parents.

But what about financial planners (babies affect finances), tax planners (babies affect taxes), real estate agents (babies take up space – and so does their stroller, crib, and the litany of other gear), or cigar stores (why not a map for the grandfather to your store?)

Or maybe the front desk has a supply of coupons for a complimentary pair of cigars – regardless of the type, tobacco or bubble gum) with a coupon to get them into the store for a whole box – even if they are bubble gum. And of course, that coupon has a map and a phone number on it so the grandfather – often from out of town – will know exactly how to find you quickly so he doesn’t miss any more time with that new grandchild than he has to.

And what about car salespeople, pediatricians, dentists, churches, camera stores and day care centers?

If done carefully, and at the right time, each of these markets (and others) have an opportunity to intelligently market their services to the new parents – without overwhelming them with slimy pitches.

And then, there are the grandparents:)

Estate attorneys, financial planners, baby goods retailers, and many others may find themselves the recipients of unanticipated business from new grandparents.

What are you doing to attract those new grandparents rather than let that business happen due to blind luck?

Even coffee shops could provide a small sample of coffee for the hospital gift basket. Why coffee?

Because new parents don’t get much sleep, silly.

Put some thought into your message, keep it personal, but don’t be slimy.

It’s always nice to have new prospects who are thrilled to give you money because you’re in the right place at the right time.

And because they’re giddy:)