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Who has time for marketing?

Perhaps a better question might be: Who can afford not to have the time?

You might be really busy right now. Yet a month from now, you might be wondering where everyone went.

Lots of independent consultants, attorneys and similar time-for-money contract workers are constantly in a feast or famine scenario because they don’t pay close enough attention to this.

In the words of Harvey Mackay, the time to dig the well is not when you’re thirsty.

If time is really so tight that you can’t spend any time on marketing efforts, then it’s probably worth examining what you’re spending your time on, and whether any of those things can be delegated.

Like anything else, it has to be built into the schedule. Whether it’s creating something to stick in the mail, writing a newsletter, blogging, networking, helping out with your business expertise at community functions, creating videos, doing teleseminars and webinars, or whatever – if it isn’t in your schedule, it’ll constantly fall to the bottom of the list because the paying work in front of you is “more important”.

Put it on your calendar. If there are 5 marketing efforts that you know are producing results for you (you ARE measuring response, right?), put some time in your schedule to work on each of them. In addition, put a little extra time in your schedule to add a 6th item. Next month, maybe a 7th, and so on.

Imagine if you added just 1 new facet to your marketing program each month and you gained just 1 client from that new effort. Depending on the type of business you have, the volume from each effort might be higher (maybe 20 new shoppers), but it is an incremental increase either way AND it allows you to be less dependent on any one marketing effort – all while growing the business.

BUT…it wont happen if you don’t make an appointment with yourself to actually do the work.

Make the time to market. Make the time to add to your marketing mix.

Otherwise, you might find that you have plenty of time to work on your marketing, because you don’t have any other work coming in.