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Ask them to tell your story

Once it has been pointed out, most people understand that benefits / tangible results do a better job of generating interest in your products / solutions than a dry corporate list of bullet items.

It’s easy for you to say “If you use this, <something> will result.”

Some people will believe you.

More people will believe it when it comes from your customers in their own words, even if you have to prompt them to answer a question.

Give your customers a chance to tell your story.

They’ll often say it better than you do, especially when sharing what they gained from working with you.

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I don’t even have a sword

Iraqi Soldier
Creative Commons License photo credit: nukeit1

Today’s guest post from, which might on the surface seem to be about the military and Afghanistan but I think you can look through it with the right lens for your business and find my real message in it.

Hint: It fits nicely with my burden shift discussion earlier this week.

Second hint: Note the teddy bears in the photo.

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Why people buy

When Geese Go Shopping.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Limbo Poet

Many times I’ve suggested that you read Cialdini’s Influence.

Today’s guest post is a follow on to Cialdini – an audio documentary about what makes people buy: “Desire by Design” from American Radioworks.

Enter the conversation in their minds…