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Jeep knows how you treat them

Last Sunday, I referred to this video briefly, but I didn’t stick it in your face.

It DESERVES to be in your face, but not just because of how cool it is to watch a small group of guys drive up, disassemble and reassemble a Jeep in 4 minutes, and then drive away.

That was a remarkable piece of teamwork. You didn’t see anyone looking around to check that the other guy was doing their job. Everyone knew they were and they each depended on that knowledge.

The key is in Sunday’s guest post: The Jeep vs. Bentley comparo.

The design comment about how Jeep knows how their customers treat their vehicles and thus, they know that they will break them and thus they design them for simplicity when it comes to doing repairs. Not just simple repairs, but repairs with simple tools that most Jeep owners would have in their car (plus the usual duct tape and baling wire).

The key is that Jeep knows their customers. Jeep owners have pretty much always been that way with their vehicles.

We gave our youngest our 93 Jeep Wrangler when he earned his Eagle last year. When he went to school 700 miles away this fall, we didn’t worry (any more than usual) about his transportation. We know that college guys will drive like college guys. And we also know that the Jeep is built to take it.

That Jeep has been on its side once. It happened after sliding off a very icy road that conspired with a road heave and a resulting loss of patch. Once it left the road, it very very gently tipped over. Most cars would barf at such a thing. Once righted, the Jeep started on the first turn of the key.

You see, the people who make Jeeps know that the people who own them will tip them over now and then. Not at highway speeds, but usually when doing goofy things in sand, mud or what not. Including sliding oh-so-slowly off an icy road that’s beveled just a tad in the wrong direction.

Do you know your customers as well as Jeep knows theirs? Do your products and services reflect that?

It’s not just reflected in your products and services. It had better be central to your marketing message and the core psyche of your organization.