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How does your entrepreneurial garden grow?

Stairway to Heaven
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Today’s guest post from Jim Rohn arrives courtesy of Nightingale-Conant.

Once again, a page of essential insight from always-on Mr. Rohn.

What have you done today to improve yourself?

Is investment in yourself part of your daily todo list?


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Rest in peace, Jim Rohn

Mr. Jim Rohn passed away on Saturday.

While I haven’t seen him in four years, I will miss him. Thankfully I have a bunch of his recordings and video to keep me company, even though that’s not the same.

Rohn’s impact on business people for the last several decades is something you can’t even put a number on – but try this on. The guy who picked up Tony Robbins and helped him down the path to helping others… was Jim Rohn.

If you think about how many people Tony has impacted, you know that’s a big number. Some of those people have likely passed their newfound knowledge on to others as well.

That’s the impact of just ONE of the many people Jim has sent out into the world with better ideas and a better plan for themselves.

One of Mr. Rohn’s classic quotes goes something like “To improve your situation / job / life, start by improving *yourself*.” Rohn very strongly believed that life-long learners did better in life. Not just financially, but in all aspects of their lives.

It isn’t just for employers and entrepreneurs. Share this stuff with your employees. You want them to have better attitudes, work smarter, think better. It’s a gift that the right ones will appreciate.

To that end and to honor Jim’s role in helping others improve themselves, here’s some stuff to get you started:

RIP, sir.

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Roadblocks: Regret of the past, routine of the present

Jim Rohn is a gift to every business person. I cant recommend his information highly enough.

One of Jim’s many pieces of wisdom…

“We are all affected by five things. But the most important thing that affects us is our dreams–our ability to see the future. But here’s why we don’t reach into the future. We’re trapped either by regret of the past or the routine of the present. So make sure that the greatest pull on you is the pull of the future.”
Jim Rohn

Does the routine of the present or the regret of the past haunt you?

The fix? One thing a day. One step at a time. Drip, drip, drip.

That’s how you break the spell.

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Old gray haired white guys

A couple days ago, the Lakers appeared a little vulnerable against the Magic after a game 3 loss.

It appeared that the Magic focused a little more and worked a little harder on fundamentals than the Lakers did, as a result, their shooting improved and nothing the Lakers and Kobe could do would stop them.

It doesn’t matter if you have a 46 inch vertical leap if you can’t make a layup or a free throw, much less play defense or make your way across the court without someone stealing the ball from you.

Small businesses have the same issues to deal with: Focus. Attention to fundamentals.

As I see businesses struggle with sales, customer retention, customer service and effective marketing, more often than not, ignoring lessons in fundamentals from old gray haired white guys are at the root of the problem.

No, it isn’t just white guys, but there just aren’t many business icons in their 70s and 80s who aren’t white, simply because of the way things were in the US 40-50-60 years ago. Naturally, there are exceptions, but this post isn’t about race relations so let’s get back to the topic at hand.

Experience is cheaper if you can learn its lessons from someone who already paid the price for it.

When I say old, of course I mean “much older than me” ( just like you do).

I’m speaking of guys like Zig Ziglar (born 1926), JimRohn (born 1930), John Earl Shoaff (born 1916, died 1965)  and Earl Nightingale (born 1921, died 1989).

Yeah, I know. Those dudes are either really old or long gone. That’s just a short list of folks, but rather than go on, I have something else to deal with that’s far more important.

Your mind. See, I know what you’re thinking.

You’re 23 (or 33, 43, 53, take your pick), an entrepreneur and there’s nothing some crusty old white dude can teach you about business. This is the iPhone age, the internet age and those guys would freak out if they had access to what you have.

It’s a big mistake to think that way. Keep in mind that those generations didn’t have some of those things – so they invented them

One of the simple things Zig teaches is to get everything you want, help someone else get everything *they* want.

Simple but powerful – and easy to implement in your business. If you put some thought into it, you can easily find a way to leverage that idea so that it creates revenue opportunities for your business.

I’ll leave it to you to discover the other things these men taught but I can’t make a better suggestion to you than to discard your prejudices and just listen.

Then take action.

PS: Yeah, I realize the photo is of a woman. There are smart, old, white-haired women that you can learn from as well.

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25% of 2008 is gone. Where do you stand?

Flying Crap
photo credit: jurvetson

1/4th of 2008 is gone, history, finito.

Are you 25% of the way to completing your 2008 goals?

Did you reach your 1st quarter goals?

If so, use what you learned and achieved to drive your accomplishments to your 2nd quarter goals.

If not, why not? Be honest with yourself.

It’s April 3rd. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Spend a moment blaming that person in the mirror, and then shake it off and get moving.

Get out that Jim Rohn goal planner worksheet (or similar tool – whatever works for you) and get to work.