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Happy New Year. Now get to work!

One tiny thing is quite often in the way of many people getting things done.

Big things.

The kinds of things you think about doing on January 1 as those resolution things jumble around in your bowl game addled mind.

In today’s guest post, Julien Smith hits the nail squarely.

It tends to be one tiny thing.

What’s yours?

A few other posts from Julien that will get your first-of-the-year juices flowing:

Get past the tiny thing and make this the year that those big, hairy, audacious things get done.

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The Trust Economy

Creative Commons License photo credit: MiikaS

Today’s guest post comes from ChangeThis. Oddly enough, you’ll recognize a familiar theme 4 or 5 pages in (its a short 10 page document): “Business is Personal” 🙂

Check it out while I’m out in the sticks camping in the snow with the troop: Julien Smith and Chris Brogan‘s Trust Economies: Investigation into the New ROI of the Web