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Cab drivers come in all flavors

Vegas is always an entertaining trip, and in one way or another, it always comes with lessons.

This time: 4 cab drivers, 4 completely different experiences.

First, the guy who picked me up from the airport. Very courteous, asked me how I wanted to get where I was going – and then proceeded to take the long way. While he was a good conversationalist, taking the long way did not impress.

Second, the guy who picked us up to haul us to another hotel. Courteous, long-time Las Vegas resident, helpful, chatty but not too chatty and even took us in the short way to enter the hotel. A good experience, even though it was short.

Third, an amazing experience. Not good, but amazing. A foul-mouthed cabbie who drove like Mario Andretti (in a Jeep?), wound around through back streets past every strip joint in Vegas, and even managed to offer us a coupon for a hooker. Stunning.

Finally, number four.

He came to us after several other cabbies declined to take our group of 4 and our big load of baggage and trade show gear.

He pulled up, hopped out and asked why no one else was taking us. The cab guy from the hotel told him about our gear – rather than turning away, he reached into his trunk, pulled out a bungee cord and proceeded to cram that big pile of stuff into the trunk, bungee it securely and said “Let’s go”.

Four different people, doing the same job and providing four different types of experiences.

Which one do you hire?

And how do you know which type of experience they’re providing to your customers?

How many of cabbie (employee…) number 1 or 2 would it take to run off your customers?

What steps are you taking to figure out which group your staffers belong to?