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What’s Scary? Ordinary coffee, Michael Jackson and a dancing tiger named Mike

So…what did you do to have a little fun?

Here are a couple of examples:

One of the many coffee shops that I prod now and then came up with this (among other things) for Halloween.

Note the R.I.P. sign, then check out the 2nd image.
Having a little Halloween fun at Starbucks' expense

Below in the hand of the chalk outline, a familiar green logo. Who could it be?

Note the familiar green logo on the cup. Refer to the display board in the prior photo.

Wonder how many people commented about that when they got back to their office?

But it wasn’t just retail and restaurants getting into the act. Major colleges did too, like LSU who remade the Michael Jackson Thriller music video:

Good stuff and just a few of the creative examples I’ve come across this week.

PS: For those wondering about the highest adult spending holiday, it’s Valentine’s Day. Get a head start.