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Who I follow on Twitter and Why for May 2010

Tu eres mi ejemplo a seguir.. / You are my example to follow..
Creative Commons License photo credit: foxspain

Follow Friday (yes, I realize it’s Sunday) time is here again, so let’s get at it.

I follow @hildygottlieb for a number reasons. I’ve known her for a long time (even though we’ve never met) and we talk (via twitter or email) several times a week. We have a habit of asking each other tough questions that make the other one think – and perhaps provoke the other one (or both of us) to think a little differently. She introduces me to people from her world (community benefit organizations) that I should follow but don’t otherwise have a way of meeting.

@brainpicker is Maria Popova. I don’t know her, but she’s a great curator of info of every possible topic. Prolific, but not craplific. The stuff she chooses to post is almost always retweetable.

@scottmckain is probably the most like me, business-wise at least, and always manages to tweak a nerve that needs to be tweaked  – either in his blog or via the things he tweets or retweets.

@beckymccray is one of my newer follows. She runs a small business in a rural town not unlike Columbia Falls (except that her town is in Oklahoma) which provides me with a view of a similar world from someone else’s perspective. Plus she has some great small business insight, and we can all learn from someone else.

So that’s it for this edition. Again, props to @chrisbrogan for the idea of doing this here instead of trying to fit all that info into 140 characters on Twitter.

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Being Jerry Garcia

Just Good Food
Creative Commons License photo credit: dvs

When Jerry’s Grateful Dead showed up and played, people gathered.


Despite having just a single number 1 hit (Touch of Grey), the band was never concerned about a show’s tickets going unsold. Often, Dead fans bought tickets for every show.

But it wasn’t just a concert, it was more like a Deadhead Convention.

What Stays in Vegas?

If you held a convention for your customers, would anyone show up?

What would they want to learn? See?  Talk about?  Ask you?

Have you created a level of service so high that they’d name an ice cream after you?

What can you offer to them that would make them look at your business like you’re a rock star?

What would motivate them to follow you anywhere, as if you were a modern-day Pied Piper?