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Did you Google them first?

That person you’ll be meeting shortly.

The prospective employee.

The vendor you can’t get an answer from.

Your kid’s new soccer coach.

That school board candidate.

Those persistent salespeople you’re thinking about giving an appointment.

The people who live next door to that dream house you have your eye on.

Who are they… *really*?

Did you Google them?

Why would you do such a thing? Same reason that 79% of employers do it before an interview.

Maybe to protect yourself and find out a little reputational info about the person, but how about to continue the conversation with something more meaningful than the weather.

Seems like a really obvious thing, but too few do it. If they did, what will they learn about you? What will they find interesting and ask you about?

Probably something you might never mention on your own, even though you care about it.

If you find some less than flattering information, you might just let someone know that they need to think a little harder about what they do, how they do it or at least how much they post about it on Facebook.

Worst case, you might just make a really solid connection with someone over an obscure piece of info you might never have known, and make a *real* connection.