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Deposits, karma – Whatever it is, are you earning yours?

Hildy Gottlieb, a fellow board member from my days on the board had the temerity to call me out on her blog yesterday. 

Well, maybe not call me out exactly. More like give me a hat size adjustment.

I only found out about her kind words because WordPress told me I had a new inbound trackback. So I mosey over there like I always do when I get an inbound link and blammo, I’m humbled by her words. 

It was a nice really thing for her to do, and something that she had nothing to gain from. 

It made my day, if not my week.

Stephen Covey talks about making deposits in your personal account, but he isn’t talking about money. He never uses the word karma, but that’s what some might call it.

Regardless of what it is, the day after Hildy makes that post and calls attention to a number of folks including myself, she appears on a list in a post at with some pretty amazing company (noting that she is pretty amazing herself).

Maybe it was a coincidence, maybe not. 

What can you do for someone today, without expecting a thing in return? 

To that end, as I asked the other day on Twitter: 

What local business in your area is in the most trouble, economy-wise? What can your business do to help them?

Speaking of deposits, karma and what not…

Tomorrow morning for a couple of hours, I get to carry out Christmas baskets at our food bank. Its cold as a welldigger’s, uh, boots here. Those boxes are heavy. Lots of folks coming to the food bank are not the most mobile or don’t need to be carrying a 20-30-40 lb box of food, plus a turkey – and that’s particularly so when the parking lot is slick, its 4 degrees and the wind is whistling.

Our Rotary Club helps the local food bank at Christmas every year. It’s a high demand time for them. Last year, about 100 Christmas baskets went out. As of a few days ago, they had over 140 requests for this year. Earlier this week, we gave them $1425 to help with their purchases.

Been that kind of week. Good stuff flowing in all directions.

Don’t forget my question about that local business. You never know what that might turn into.